Consbec Inc. provides mining services including quarrying, open pit mining, and other mining applications such as drop-raising, site preparation, long-hole drilling, and backfill and tailings dam quarrying. Consbec works with its clients to help control ore dilution, to optimize ground control and fragmentation, and to increase productivity. The group focuses on reducing costs along the entire value chain of surface operations while minimizing impact on the community.

Consbec has been involved in all types of open pit operations, and has an excellent reputation in this field. The company has maintained daily production schedules exceeding 100,000 tonnes. Consbec is the largest drilling and blasting mining contractor in Canada and offers clients services on multiple projects in all geological regions and diverse geographies in Canada. Consbec has been involved in all aspects of surface operations whereby most of its experience is derived from operating in the complex Archean rocks of the Canadian Shield.


Quarry and Construction

Consbec Inc. has extensive rock excavation experience on construction projects in both the private and public sectors. These projects traditionally include limestone and granite quarrying as well as road and site preparation. Other specialty construction projects include tunneling, bridge and dam piers, test drilling, and grout holes for rock or concrete structure.



Consbec Inc. has extensive rock excavation experience on energy related projects including pipeline, hydro-electric, wind, solar, and LNG site preparation. Traditional energy work has occurred in both the mainline and distribution pipeline as well as the hydro-electric market segments for various owners including TransCanada, Maritimes & North East Pipelines, Kinder Morgan, Union Gas.


Drilling Services

A fleet of over eighty Gardner-Denver top hammer and DTH drills is available to meet any drilling requirements. Consbec Inc. uses a top hammer fleet of BV3500 and SCH5000 drills to tackle most 2.5”-7” drilling projects, and a DTH fleet for drill holes in the 6.75”-10” range. Consbec Inc. can also provide rotary drilling for holes exceeding 10”. Drilling services may include definition drilling, production hole drilling, or hoe ram relief hole drilling.

Manufacturing Supply

Explosives Manufacturing

The Consbec group of companies manufactures its own bulk emulsion explosives at three emulsion plants and three bulk blend facilities. It manufactures a micro-balloon sensitized bulk emulsion explosive and blends up to 30% AN prill. The explosives manufacturing operations, which are approved and regulated by NRCAN’s Explosives Regulatory Division, are strategically located in eastern, central and western Canada.

Manufacturing Supply

Explosives Supply and Delivery

Consbec Inc. provides bulk emulsion supply to third party consumers which accounts for approximately 30% of the manufactured product. Deliveries of bulk emulsion are made with a fleet of bulk emulsion re-pump trucks and trailers. These units typically deliver product to clients within a day’s drive of a facility but, have made deliveries to clients over 3,000 kms away. For more information, please contact our offices.

Career Opportunities

Consbec is dedicated to employing experts in skilled trades.

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We are a family company that strongly believes we are a company to grow with.

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